How to upgrade your grooming

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With barbers currently closed, social media has been awash with at-home haircut attempts and facial hair starting to reach Tom Hanks in Castaway levels of growth. Even if you’re not brave enough to attempt cutting your own hair (or daringly, asking your partner to do so) we will help you fight the fuzz with some simple grooming tips for men that you can try at home. These tips can be incorporated into your daily or weekly routine. Since we’re all mostly stuck at home, keeping your face and body well-groomed could make you look and feel better.

Shaving tips

man shaving his face with shaving foam and razor

Guarantee a close, smooth, and comfortable shave every time by following these three fail-safe shaving tips: prepare, shave and protect.

Firstly, ensure a more comfortable shave by opening the pores and softening the hair by showering before you shave – if you don’t have time, apply a damp, warm towel or flannel to your face for a couple of minutes.

Next, lather up with your preferred shaving product. Use the best quality shaving cream you can find and look for products that contain moisturisers, to help stop your skin from drying out. Massage the product into the skin using a circular motion to coat the hair from all angles, then finish with upward strokes to lift hairs away from the face.

You’re now ready to shave. Choose a good quality razor with a sharp blade. You want the razor to glide over the hair, using short strokes. Shave with the grain (in the direction of hair growth), using just enough pressure to keep the blade in contact with the skin. Don’t push down on the blade or apply too much pressure – this leads to irritation and nasty cuts.

Once you’ve finished shaving, rinse any remaining product off your face. Finish with a cold splash of water to tighten your pores, before applying a post-shave product to prevent irritation or dryness.

Beard maintenance tips

men's grooming kit - razor and comb

If you’re the proud owner of a beard, make sure you have a beard maintenance routine to help your bead keep its splendour. Caring for your beard requires regular washing, brushing and trims.

If you started growing a ‘quarantine’ beard during lockdown, you’ll want to want to wait four to six weeks before starting any beard maintenance; this gives your facial hair time to grow evenly.

Firstly, washing your beard will help soften the hairs and remove any trapped bits of food or dirt that may be lurking in there. It also ensures you’re regularly cleaning the skin under your beard, as well as the hair itself, which can reduce any itchiness. You can use a specialist beard wash, or medicated dandruff shampoo will also do the job.

Once you’ve given it a good scrub, gently pat it dry to avoid creating frizz. Brush through the beard in a downward motion to smooth the hair – this will also identify any stubborn straggler hairs, which can then be trimmed with a pair of scissors. When it comes to trimming your moustache, tiny trims every three to four days will keep it looking neat and crawling onto your top lip.

Next, grab your beard trimmer and prune away into your desired shape. Start with the longest guard and gradually work your way shorter as you shape it.

Best moisturiser for men

Man washing his face in the sink

Whether you’re 20 or 60, moisturising your face should be part of your daily routine: using the right moisturiser can help combat acne, retain moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Ultimately, you’ll end up with younger and healthier looking skin. It’s a no-brainer, right?

Now, we wouldn’t recommend using any old moisturiser you find in the bathroom cabinet. Male skin has different properties to female skin: it has more collagen, more elastin and it’s thicker. Hair follicles and regular shaving also takes its toll on your skin; blocked pores can mean an oilier complexion and shaving can lead to skin irritation – both issues could be exasperated by the added fragrance often found in women’s skincare.

So, when choosing the best moisturiser for you, choose something that caters specifically for male skin. Look for a product that matches your skin type, the most common of which are: dry, combination or oily. If you don’t know your skin type, try this simple test: use a face wash and wait an hour. If it feels tight, you’ve got dry and possibly sensitive skin; if it’s greasy, you’ve got oily skin and if it’s a mix of the two, you’ve got combination skin. It’s also worthwhile using a moisturiser that has SPF built into it, to help protect against sun and prevent sun damage (although your moisturiser shouldn’t replace the use of sunscreen).

Apply your moisturiser twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. Wash or cleanse your face first, either in the shower or the sink, then apply your moisturiser using sweeping strokes across the face.

By making or adding a few small adjustments to your grooming routine you will improve the health and appearance of your skin and hair, ensuring your camera ready for all those Zoom calls.  

Have you got any top grooming tips or hacks you swear by as part of your daily or weekly grooming routine? Share with us over on our intu social channels.