10 of the best (and free) apps to help with studying

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Being a student, chances are you spend a lot of your time chained to your desk studying, but what can you do to make it all that bit easier? Luckily, there’s an app for pretty much everything, studying included, and we’ve rounded up the best ones. From making notes and citations to revising and writing essays, these 10 apps will help you study your way to your best grades ever!

Oxford Dictionary

This app is the mobile version of the Oxford University Press’ Oxford English Dictionary. Writing an essay? You need this to hand.


One of our personal favourites, GoConqr allows students to create revision charts, mind maps, flash cards, notes and quizzes to aid in studying, making it ideal for visual learners. And the coolest part? With this app you can connect and collaborate with friends, classmates or even students from around the world.

Exam Countdown

This one does exactly what it says on the tin; use it to count down the days until your exams, so you can plan revision (and breaks!) accordingly.


With StudyBlue, you can upload study materials from lectures and tutorials and then create flashcards, quizzes and more. The app even allows you to share your flashcards with others, so if you’re part of a study group, this is the tool for you!


This is a popular lecture capture app that iPad-using students can’t get enough of. The app allows you to record an entire lecture in both soundbite and notepad form, so when you go to revise you can listen back to your lecture, plus have your notes stored visually. Similar apps include Notes Plus (iOS) and Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder (iOS).


This handy little app allows you to scan a book’s barcode with your phone camera and create a citation – genius!


The Timetable app has a super clean and organised interface for students to add their lectures, tutorials and study sessions into with ease.


Arguably one of the worst things about completing an essay is writing the hefty bibliography that goes with it. Enter EasyBib. The app creates an academic reference for any book – all you have to do is scan the book’s barcode. As bibliography styles vary depending on where you study, EasyBib offers referencing in MLA, APA and Chicago styles.


This app allows you to organise your thoughts by creating mind maps that will help you remember things and brainstorm new ideas. If you’re a visual learner, SimpleMind should aid you greatly in the run up to your exams.

Office Lens

This app cleverly converts pictures of whiteboards, blackboards, paper sheets, receipts and more into editable, shareable text. This is great for sharing notes between classmates and dividing and conquering work! It can read images even from an angle and cleans up glare and shadows too, so even if you’re not the best photographer, chances are your snaps can still be useful for your studies.