The best dishes on the TGI Fridays menu, ranked

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Ah, TGI Fridays – the nostalgia is real. We remember spending many a birthday here, so when we heard the menu had a revamp we just had to get our teeth around the new and improved dishes.

So, we’ve tried it all and picked out our 7 faves to save you reading the menu (aka book – that bad boy is long) cover to cover. You’re welcome.

7. Fridays Sesame Chicken Strips (with Jack Daniels sauce)

We. Love. Chicken. And Fridays Sesame Chicken Strip creations were no exception. Smothered in their famous sweet and smokey Jack Daniels sauce (with an extra pot on the side for good measure) and sprinkled with sesame seeds, these were delightfully tender on the inside and sticky sweet on the outside. We wished we’d ordered the large size, tbh.

6. Boneless Hot Wings (with Frank’s hot sauce)

Continuing on with the chicken theme – because chicken is lyf – we ordered a large portion of Boneless Hot Wings and we’re pretty sure they went in less than 20 seconds. The Franks sauce gave the bite-size boneless wings a spicy kick which we couldn’t get enough of.

5. Californian Chicken Tacos

We went for these as one of the fresher options on the menu, and thoroughly enjoyed. Succulent chicken breast, crisp lettuce, crunchy red onions, salsa and guac encased in a soft tortilla was always going to be a surefire winner in our eyes. Our one complaint? There’s only two tacos on the plate – we’ll be doubling up our order next time.

4. Muchos Nachos

Nachos are pretty much the king of snacks in our humble opinion; we went for the veggie option of corn tortilla nachos with spicy guacamole, fresh pico de gallo and sour cream – classic and simple. The toppings were plentiful, the cheese was oozy and the jalapenos packed a great punch. Would order a bucketload.

3. Mario Loaded Fries

What’s better than fries? Loaded fries, that’s what. These came cooked to potato-perfection and piping hot topped with cheese, bacon and lashings of tomato sauce. Y.U.M.

2. Fridays Ultimate Double Glazed Ribs

If you’re a carnivore and sorry-not-sorry about it – then this huge portion of sticky, meaty ribs is what you need to order. The meat was tender, succulent and fell off the bone, whilst the Jack Daniels Glaze slathered all over it was tasty AF. Did we get messy? Yes. Was it worth it? Erm, YES.

1.  Mozzarella Dippers

One of our favourite starters, we’re always a little dubious when we order these as our expectations are SKY high; we’ve had our fair share of rubbery cheese and soggy breadcrumbs. We’re pleased to report that TGI Fridays got these oh-so-right. The cheese was deliciously melty and the dippers had just the right amount of crunch – whilst the tangy yet sweet tomato and basil sauce complimented them perfectly. We’d go as far as to say these babies are TGI’S star dish.

Images: TGI Fridays