Subway have launched their first ever vegan sub

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Whether you’re simply cutting back on meat and dairy or have decided to be at one with nature and opt for a fully plant-based lifestyle, more and more restaurants are taking note of the ever-growing vegan community. The most recent member to join the club and unveil a cruelty-free item? Fast-food franchise Subway; it just added the Vegan Sub to its menu, and it looks delish.

The brand new, bang-tidy Sub is made of a 100% vegan-friendly patty and is packed with delicious sweet peppers, red onions, spinach, garlic and chilli in Italian bread (also vegan).

Available in-stores nationwide and hovering at around £3.80 per six-inch Sub – which contains roughly 371 calories for those counting – the latest addition will also be served with a newly-created Vegan Garlic Aioli sauce and a Vegan Salad to complete the meal. Prices and participation may vary. See in-store for full details.