We ranked iconic Christmas chocolates and you’ll never guess which won

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Honestly, we could take or leave a lot of Christmas traditions. Secret Santa? We’d rather treat ourselves. Christmas carols? Not a chance. But the one tradition we will always partake in (live and die by actually) is scoffing Christmas chocolates.

When you think of classic Christmas chocolates, there are four brands that should come to mind – Celebrations, Quality Street, Heroes and Roses – and we think it’s high time they went head to head, so we can finally know which is the greatest Christmas chocolate selection of all time, and which individual chocolate rules them all. After hours of gruelling taste testing and score compiling, we can finally reveal the results…

Winning chocolates from each selection

Quality Street

1st place , Green triangle
2nd place , Strawberry delight


1st place – Hazel whirl
2nd place – Strawberry dream


1st place – Malteaser
2nd place – Bounty


1st place – Creme egg
2nd place – Wispa

Winning chocolate selection box

1st place – Celebrations
2nd place – Heroes
3rd place – Quality Street
4th place – Roses

Winning chocolate

1st place – Celebrations’ Malteaser
2nd place -Quality Street’s green triangle
3rd place – Heroes’ Creme Egg
4th place – Quality Street’s strawberry delight