Pret a Manger have introduced dessert toast to their menu

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High street food hero, Pret a Manger, has just unveiled a new spring menu that’s bursting with exciting dishes, including several vegan, veggie and gluten-free options. Trendy huh. But innovations and health fads aside, we’re most interested in one of their new sweet creations, which is, essentially, dessert toast. *drool*.

In a first for the company, they’ve created their own gluten-free bread, and topped it with a coconut yogurt, five berry compote, fresh berries and toasted coconut chips. Yep, Pret have gone and invented (re-invented?) dessert toast and we can’t wait to scoff it.

It’s only natural we’re drawn to the sweet treats from the new menu, but we can’t forget the savoury additions either. Here are a few of our favourite new sweet and savoury picks below:

Cali-style salmon salad

Already a hit in this office – our editor Leila Glen is obsessed – this super fresh salad has a healthy mix of quinoa, roast salmon and smashed avocado, accompanied by mango, edamame beans, mint, beetroot and coconut chips. Yes to all.

Mocha pot

A delish dairy-alternative dessert option, this petite pot features coconut yogurt mixed with dark chocolate, hazelnut and a drizzle of espresso. Guilt-free heaven.

Chicken & smashed beets salad pot

The perfect lunch on the go, Pret’s newest pot has a healthy mix of chicken, smashed beets, edamame beans, feta and a hard-boiled egg.

Lemon & blueberry cheesecake pot

When is cheesecake not a good idea? Featuring layered lemon curd, mascarpone and vanilla cream, and topped with a crunchy coconut seed mix and blueberries, it’s the little taste (slice) of heaven our weekdays needs.