We reviewed Nando’s spring menu and these were our favourite dishes

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Is there anything better than a cheeky mid-week Nando’s? Not really, in our opinion, we’ll take pretty much any excuse to visit, so when we heard Nando’s had launched a new spring menu with exciting new sides and salads, we had to get down there and try them out. You know, for you guys…

So, read on to find out what we really thought about their new menu items. Side note; we did, of course, accompany the new dishes with butterfly chicken and a fino pitta, duh.

Watermelon and feta salad

This is the dish we were slightly apprehensive to try, but good news, it turned out to be DELISH. Giant chunks of chargrilled and lightly pickled watermelon is sprinkled with salty feta, and sat on a bed of spinach, black olives and cucumber. Shouldn’t work…but really does. And at only 178 calories by itself , or 449 calories with a chicken breast,  it’s a tasty yet healthy option we would choose again and again. 

Grains ‘n greens

This dish is pretty similar to the supergrain salad that has been on the menu for a while – but on trying it we realised it was definitely an improved version! It was made up of hearty grains, beans, peas and perfectly crunchy corn, and drizzled with the TASTIEST creamy avocado and buttermilk dressing. The perfect healthy (and cooling!) accompaniment to spicy chicken. Would have again.

Saucy spinach

As the name suggests, Saucy Spinach was a tangy mix of spinach in a spicy tomato and coconut sauce with chickpeas. It was the perfect accompaniment to pretty much everything else on the Nando’s menu – chicken included – and even though it felt like a super healthy choice it wasn’t in the slightest bit boring. We really liked the addition of the coconut and chickpeas, and even though it’s described as a spicy sauce we still added a splash of our fave Nando’s sauce for some extra heat.

Long stem broccoli 

Ummm what to say about this? We can’t really praise or diss this new side because, well, it was just long stem broccoli. It was a little overcooked unfortunately, and seriously lacking seasoning, so we can’t really recommend getting it over anything else. But do still eat your greens, kids.

Image credit: Nando’s