McDonald’s is officially launching Spicy Chicken McNuggets in the UK

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They’re arguably one of the most beloved fast food inventions of all time – Chicken McNuggets. Whether you call them nuggets, McNuggets, chicky nuggys or nugz, they’re the stuff weekend diets are made of, and now McDonald’s are doing the world a favour by launching a new and frankly delicious sounding upgrade.

Yep, Maccers are launching spicy Chicken McNuggets on Wednesday 7 August!

The little nuggets of joy (see what we did there?) have a tomato chilli crispy coating and come with a Tabasco sauce dip to amp up the spice even more.

Apparently prices vary between branches, but The Sun reports on average they cost £3.19 for 6, £3.49 for 9 and £4.99 for 20 – so basically the same as the standard nuggets we have known and loved for years.

Sadly the saying ‘all good things must come to an end’ couldn’t be more true in this case, as Maccas are only keeping spicy nuggets on the menu for 7 weeks, so you better be quick if you want some of the spicy action.

We literally can’t wait to sample these spicy nugs…

Image credit: McDonald’s Australia