McDonald’s have brought back Maltesers and Smarties McFlurries

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If you don’t like McFlurries, you’re either a) wrong or b) lying. Everyone’s favourite fast food sweet treat has been a regular on the McDonald’s menu for years, but the flavours have been ever-changing.

Personal (and fan) favourite Smarties McFlurry was dropped from the menu three years ago, leaving ice-cream aficionados devastated, whilst the Malteser version has made sporadic appearances around Christmas time, but never stays long.

So, as McFlurry enthusiasts, we’re pleased to report the return of both the Smartie and Malteser McFlurries to the regular menu, starting 26 June. Can I get a hell yeah?!

McDonald’s previously took to Twitter to put out an opinion poll asking which famous chocolate people wanted back on the McFlurry menu, and there was, unsurprisingly, an overwhelming response in favour of the classic Smartie.

This does mean that the Dairy Milk and Crunchie options are being axed from the menu, but we can’t have everything.

Maccies giveth and Maccies taketh away…

Images: McDonald’s