McDonald’s have added Millionaire’s Shortbread frappes to their menu

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We’re already dreaming of summer and switching our coffee order to iced, so imagine our delight when we heard McDonald’s just launched iced lattes and Millionaire’s Shortbread frappes?! Yep – we’re 10 out of 10 excited.

Not only does this mean we can pick up our morning bev with our breakfast McMuffin in one transaction, but our bank balances will also be thanking us, since both new offerings are cheaper than their counterparts at Starbucks and Costa.

The classic iced latte costs just £1.99, pretty cheap compared to a tall iced latte from Costa costing £2.55, and one from Starbucks that’ll set you back £2.70. The latte is an espresso shot poured over ice and cold milk – meaning getting your caffeine fix has never been more refreshing.

These have actually been available in the US and China for around a decade – so it’s about time we got in on the action – and we have a feeling we’ll be making up for lost time.

The second cool offering from Maccas, the Millionaire’s Shortbread frappe, is to put it bluntly, giving us life.

The new drink is caramel biscuit-flavoured, blended with chocolate and caramel pieces, then topped with chocolate cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce. Yum. It’s basically a cold version of McDonald’s Millionaire latte (our staple coffee at Christmas) and it costs a little more than the latte at £2.59.

Still, it’s cheaper than Starbucks’ Caramel Frappuccino (£3.50) and Costa’s Salted Caramel Crunch Frostino (£3.45).

Both drinks have already launched at McDonald’s stores nationwide, just in time for summer. Maccas, we salute you.

Image credit: McDonald’s