McDonald’s just dropped 3 new game-changing veggie options

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McDonald’s fans rejoice, the beloved fast food chain is moving with the times and has launched three new game-changing veggie options, perfectly coinciding with Veganuary.

According to McDonald’s, a third of their UK customers revealed they would like to include more meat-free meals in their diets, so Maccers listened and turned to their longtime partners at the Vegetarian Society to improve their offering.

Spicy Veggie One wrap

First up, the Spicy Veggie One. Coming in at under 400 calories, it’s part of the Big Flavour Wraps range and features Red Pesto Veggie goujons, tomato, lettuce, red onion and a spicy relish, nestled in a toasted tortilla wrap. It’s worth noting though that while all the ingredients are dairy-free and vegan, the tortilla wraps pass through the same toaster as the buns which do contain milk.

Veggie Deluxe burger

Next, the Veggie Deluxe burger has had a makeover and now contains the new delish Red Pesto Veggie goujons, alongside sandwich sauce and shredded iceberg lettuce in a sesame topped bun.

Veggie Happy Meal

And last but most definitely not least, the iconic Happy Meal range now offers a vegetarian option for the very first time! Alongside the usual Chicken McNuggets, cheeseburgers and chicken wraps, little ones can opt for the veggie wrap, which features Red Pesto Veggie goujons, lettuce and ketchup encased in a tortilla wrap.

See? Eating more veg isn’t going to be as hard as you thought!