McDonald’s new Christmas menu looks indulgent and festive

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The McDonald’s Christmas menu is up there with Mariah Carey and mulled wine when it comes to things we love at Christmas, so imagine our excitement when McDonald’s announced their offering for 2019. To brighten up your festive season, McDonald’s have come through with a host of old favourites this year; with everything from Burgers to McFlurrys and universally loved Cheese Dippers, we can’t wait to get stuck into the entire menu. Here’s what’s on offer…

Big Tasty, from £4.29

After a long, hard year without this burger in our life, the Big Tasty is finally back just in time for the festive season! The 100% British & Irish beef patty is served in a classic soft McDonald’s bun, packed with Emmental cheese, sliced tomato, lettuce, onion, and – of course – that Big Tasty sauce. Add bacon for an extra meaty kick. 

Cheese Melt Dippers, 12 dippers £4.49

A firm favourite amongst our colleagues, these tasty, golden bites of goodness are made with breaded camembert cheese and served with a Tangy Tomato dip.

Chicken Deluxe with Zesty Tomato Relish, from £5.19

If a beef burger isn’t your thing, then why not shake things up with a Chicken Deluxe? Two pieces of succulent crispy chicken are paired with a zesty tomato relish, cool mayo, cheese, lettuce and red onion rings in a square glazed and sesame seed-topped bun.

Matchmakers Cool Mint McFlurry, £1.39/mini 99p

The Matchmakers McFlurry is making its first appearance back on the menu since 2013 – and we can’t wait. The classic soft dairy vanilla ice cream is swirled with Matchmakers and topped with a chocolate mint sauce. YUM.

Reindeer Treats, 79p

You can also pick up some ‘reindeer treats’ aka carrot sticks to get kiddies into the festive season (and sneak some veggies into their diet). 

The Mcdonald’s festive menu is available in restaurants now.