Marks & Spencer has the best Christmas food range

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Presents are great and all, but as far as we’re concerned, Christmas begins, middles and ends with food. From tender turkey and crispy roast potatoes to salty bacon and chestnut sprouts, succulent pigs in blankets and lashings of gravy to finish it all off, the Christmas meal might just be up there with one of our favourites ever. Not to mention flaky mince pies, rich chocolate Yule Log, brandy cream and of course cheese boards. Phew. 

Marks & Spencer never fails to be our one-stop-shop for starters, mains and desserts for the most wonderful day of the year – and this year is no different. With a plethora of newly launched delights in store, from a Luxury Shellfish Platter to Handcrafted Sausage Rolls and a White Chocolate Snowball Wreath to name but a few, you’re going to need a bigger table…


Scottish Spey Bey signature-smoked salmon, £20

Is it really Christmas if you haven’t popped open the prosecco and clinked glasses over some delicious smoked salmon with your loved ones? This Scottish smoked salmon is cured in gin and finished with citrus zest and dill. Yum. 

Brie en croute, £12

Whether you want an indulgent Christmas day starter, something to perk up Boxing Day or an 11pm snack when a leftovers sandwich just won’t cut it – this Brie en croute is perfect. Think gooey French brie wrapped in an M&S signature flaky all-butter pastry.

Collection Luxury Shellfish Platter, £100

Nothing says bougie better than a luxury shellfish platter to adorn your Christmas table with. This one contains a huge selection of responsibly sourced shellfish: four Atlantic lobster tails, twoAtlantic dressed crab and claws, Vietnamese black tiger prawns, and peeled Honduran king prawns, all served with Marie Rose sauce, lemon wedges and sprigs of parsley.

Collection Ho Ho Ho Handcrafted Sausage Rolls, £10

A good sausage roll is always a crowd pleaser, and M&S’s festive offering is no exception. Pass around these ‘Ho Ho Ho’ handcrafted all-butter puff pastry rolls filled with seasoned sausage meat at your Christmas party gathering for serious host/hostess points.


Turkey & Festive Stuffing Wellington, £25

A succulent turkey is the pièce de résistance  to any Christmas dinner, and M&S’s offering will leave you completely spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for a juicy crown with stuffing for an intimate gathering or an entire bird to feed the 5,000, M&S have you covered. We have our eye on this Turkey & Festive Stuffing Wellington; a bit left field, yes, but tasty all the same.

Plant Kitchen festive roast, £12

With more and more people making the switch to vegan this year, the importance of a great plant-based centerpiece is higher than ever before; no one should have to miss out on Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! Marks & Spencer have come through with a vegan roasting joint with a cranberry and chestnut filling that we dare say even meat eaters will be wanting a piece of. It comes with moreish Plant Kitchen cocktail ‘sausoyges’ on the side, too!

Collection Honey Pot Glazed Ham, £40

A Christmas without ham just isn’t Christmas as far as we’re concerned. This dry cured ham, complete with a honey and sugar roasted crust, will go perfectly with your Christmas piccalilli, soft bread and a glass of bucks fizz, to start as you mean to go on this Christmas morning! Leftovers? No problem. This ham tastes even better the next day…

Collection Three Fish Roast, £40

Cutting down on red meat this year? This three fish roast made up of salmon, smoked haddock and king prawns, with cheese and leek stuffing, is the perfect alternative.

Collection British Outdoor-Bred Garnish Selection, £12

Arguable the best thing about Christmas dinner (or Christmas in general) is pigs in blankets and stuffing. We could personally eat an entire plate of these with lashings of gravy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This stellar selection contains 16 outdoor-bred pork cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon, and 16 pork, sage and onion stuffing balls. We’ll be getting more than a few packets…

Luxury Vegetable Selection, £22

Sides maketh the meal – so we like to say – and this luxury vegetable collection will have you hitting a side dish home-run with minimal effort. Comprised of crispy goose-fat roasties, honey-roast parsnips, brussels sprouts with smoked bacon, chestnuts and caramelised onion butter, cauliflower cheese, carrot and swede crush plus braised red cabbage, no one will be going hungry…


Collection Mini Dessert Selection, £15

Keep every single guest happy with this 27-piece mini dessert collection! Guests can choose from apple crumble tarts, chocolate raspberry tarts, ganache bite stars and mini cheesecakes; there really is something for everyone. Alternatively, just have one of each – it is Christmas, after all…

Collection British Cheese & Chutney Selection, £30

Cheese and chutney is a Christmas day staple, and this platter has all the goodies to keep you going strong post dinner. Chow down on Burland Bloom Brie, Farmhouse Red Leicester, Blacksticks® Blue, Butlers Creamy Lancashire, Inglewhite Goat’s cheese and Gould’s Farmhouse Cheddar, plus chutney and crackers, of course. Just add port…

Collection White Chocolate Snowball Wreath, £20

White chocolate tends to divide the nation, but we’re pretty sure this edible wreath will go down a treat with every single guest. Made of belgian white chocolate mousse with a raspberry compote centre, smoothed onto a crispy feuilletine base and arranged in a gorgeous circular wreath shape, this is one seriously Instagrammable dessert (if that’s your thing…).

Collection Chocolate Pine Cones, £13

These decadent chocolate-mousse pine cones are made of chocolate, dipped in chocolate and filled with chocolate, making them every chocolate lover’s dream come true. Plus, they’re dusted with sparkly edible golden glitter to make ‘em festive. Sold!

Woodland Yule Log, £15

A Christmas classic, dig into this dreamy chocolate sponge and discover a centre of smooth, creamy chocolate ganache. We dare you to have just one slice!

Shop all of M&S’ Christmas food here. Knives and forks at the ready!