M&S sell candy floss flavoured grapes that taste like sweets

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We don’t know about you, but our sweet addiction is totally out of control. So imagine our delight when we came across Marks & Spencer’s answer to our sweet treat prayers in the form of fruit?!

Yep, you read that right. M&S are now selling four new types of flavoured grapes that taste like candy floss, mango, strawberry and even tutti frutti – plus they’re actually healthy and completely free of artificial flavours. Sign. us. Up.

We know what you’re thinking, fruit that tastes like sweets must come with a catch – perhaps a hefty price tag? Wrong! The packs are priced at just £2.50 each so you can munch away guilt free. We’ll be stocking up for when those inevitable 4pm desk sugar cravings hit. 

Getting our five a day has never been easier. We’ll be in the M&S fruit aisle if you need us…

Images: Marks & Spencer