This is what a health nut would order at Greggs

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So a health nut walks into Greggs… Sounds like the beginning of a joke, we know. Famous for its bakes, sugary donuts and meat-filled pasties, it’s not exactly our go-to place when we’re craving health after one of those weekends. But contrary to popular belief, there are some healthy dishes on the menu – who knew?

So in the interest of your waistline (and eating all the food!), we’ve put together a definitive list of the foods you should be ordering for when your heart desires Greggs but your head desires greens…


Egg roll

Greggs egg roll

Eggs are the fitness fanatics breakfast of choice for a reason. An egg-roll contains around 17 grams of protein making it a great way to fill you up until lunch and keep snacking at bay. The roll itself is a great source of carbohydrate to give you energy and make sure you’re awake for those Monday morning meetings. According to Columbia University, we should consume between 350-500 calories for breakfast, so Greggs’ egg roll containing 387 calories is actually on the lower end of the scale – it’s a yes from us.


greggs porridge

Porridge is THE go-to breakfast for bodybuilders and athletes alike, and if it’s good enough for them…Greggs have simple creamy oats, a red berry porridge and a golden syrup option to choose from. We’d go for the red berry or plain to avoid excess calories and sugar from the golden syrup! Top with a fruit pot if you’re feeling extra hungry and you’re good to go until lunch.


Lemon and herb chicken and roast vegetable grain salad

Greggs salad

Quite a mouthful, but this mediterranean-style salad is perfect for summer lunch breaks in the park. The lemon and herb chicken is a perfect source of lean protein, whilst the grains and roasted veg deliver a much needed source of afternoon energy! Topped with red pepper hummus (um, yum), sliced cucumber and fresh salad leaves, this is basically summer in a bowl. Oh, and it’s only 285 calories, easily leaving room for some 3pm snacking.

Tuna and cucumber sandwich

greggs tuna sandwich

If you need bread in your life, then go for the tuna and cucumber sandwich. Made on soft brown bread, it’ll give you a source of slow releasing energy – particularly helpful if you’re planning to hit the gym after work. Tuna is high in protein and low in fat, making it the perfect healthy accompaniment, and the cucumber adds a nice crunch. So that’s all the flavour you need for just 352 calories – sold!


Chicken tikka skewers

greggs tikka snack

If you like to snack on the go, then these skewers might just be your new favourite thing. Full of protein and big on flavour – we are pretty obsessed. Go easy on (or skip altogether) the yogurt and cucumber dip to save on excess fat and calories – these babies are juicy enough to eat all on their own!

Carrot sticks and hummus

greggs carrot snack

A healthy snack as old as time, crunchy carrots and tasty, protein rich hummus are a match made in heaven and are actually good for you – so dip away!

Something Sweet

Summer Berry Pot

Greggs fruit snack

Berries are the lowest in sugar of all the fruits (and the most delicious in our opinion!). Containing blueberries, strawberries and a few grapes (leave these out if you’re looking to lower your sugar intake) these are an easy snack to grab and eat on the go, or store at your desk for when 3pm munchies strike.

To Drink

Still Strawberry Water

greggs strawberry water

Refreshments can be full of empty calories, so be wary of the ones you pick to wash down your lunch with. This strawberry water with no added sugar is just 5 cals per bottle, making it a sweet and refreshing addition to lunch – and it won’t ruin your diet. It’s still too, so no post drink bloating – bonus!

Image credit: Greggs