You can now get a half-price Big Mac and fries for life

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Love Maccas? Love freebies? Yep, us too.

Well get yourself down to your nearest Golden Arch joint sharpish, as this hack means you can get a half-price Big Mac and chips (swap for a Veggie Deluxe or Filet-o-Fish if you’re veggie) until the end of time. Yep, this is valid forever.

What’s the catch you ask? Very small, you just have to participate in a short customer survey.

Simply purchase anything off the McDonald’s menu (this can be a 50p mini Mcflurry or anything off the saver menu) and keep the receipt. Then head to the McDonald’s website and enter the 12 digit code listed on your receipt. From here you’ll have to fill in the survey, and in return McDonald’s will give you a 5 digit code to to use in-store for half-priced food. Simples.

And the best part? There are no limits on this deal. You can use one code per customer per day- which means you can get one half-priced meal per day and use the receipt to get another half-price the next day – over and over again.

Does this mean that we can eat Maccas guilt free? We’re taking that as a yes.