The 5 most exciting items on Costa’s amazing Bonfire Night menu

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It’s official, summer’s almost over (sad face) and we’re getting our big coat ready for those chilly Autumn nights. But there’s good news too – now we get to try out the sparkling bonfire-themed food and drink options on Costa Coffee’s brand new seasonal menu! They’ve been voted the Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop more times than you’ve had hot dinners so you’re guaranteed to find something to get your taste buds going.

Here are the five picks that have us the most excited from this jam-packed autumnal menu:

1. Bonfire Spiced Latte


The Bonfire Spiced Latte is the stand-out offering on the new drinks menu. The Costa Coffee latte has always been one of their most moreish pick-me-ups, with that yummy foam top and lashing of steamed milk. This upgraded version adds a delicious combination of toffee and smoky spices – topped off with a sprinkle of caramel and a light dusting of cinnamon. Is your mouth watering yet?

2. Thai Red Curry Meal Pot


We’re delighted that Costa have introduced a whole host of new vegetarian and vegan lunch choices. Our fave has to be the Thai Red Curry Meal Pot – not only is it vegan-friendly but it’s low in calories too, ideal for a guilt-free midday meal. This fragrant pot of rice and vegetables comes smothered with a lightly-spiced creamy red curry sauce – a perfect feel-good energy boost on a cold Autumn day. Don’t rush out quite yet though, you’ll have to wait until Thursday 4th October for this one.

3. Ultimate Breakfast Wrap

But meat-eaters shouldn’t feel left out. For you early-risers, there’s the brand new Ultimate Breakfast Wrap that includes all the classic elements of a hearty English breakfast: bacon, egg, sausage and mushroom, all finished off with some good old-fashioned tomato sauce.

4. Bonfire Spiced Hot Chocolate

Brace yourselves indulgent types, the Bonfire Spiced Hot Chocolate is an absolute must-try treat. It combines that wonderful velvety Costa Coffee hot chocolate with a whole host of seasonal flavours. It’s a great option if you want to try out these new bonfire spices without having a hyped-up caffeine kick as well.

5. Seriously Chocolate Cake


Sweet tooth? You’re in luck. The Seriously Chocolate Cake is Costa’s most decadent dessert yet. As you might have guessed, chocolate plays a major role here – we’re talking chocolate sponge and chocolate fudge icing, plus a layer of salted caramel, and then topped off with – you guessed it – a handful of chocolate curls. If, like us, you’re a big fan of the cocoa bean, you’ll be in heaven.

Costa Coffee’s new Autumn menu is available from Thursday 6th September.