We reviewed Byron’s summer menu and we loved these dishes

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Hands up, who loves a Byron burger? Yep. And who would jump at the chance to taste-test their new summer menu? Yeeeep. Featuring new vegan and veggie burgers, cocktails and desserts, the menu is more diverse than ever and we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into some juicy, juicy burgers. But which got our seal of approval? Read on to find out…

The Truffler burger 

Now this was the burger we were excited to try. Byron describes The Truffler as a “Beyond Meat patty topped with irresistible truffle ‘cheese’ sauce alongside portobello mushroom, truffle ‘mayonnaise’, crispy onions and lettuce.” It sounds YUM and we can verify it was, indeed, YUM! This was our first experience tasting a Beyond Meat patty and we’re happy to discover it did infact have a meaty texture and a flavour that (oddly) wasn’t too far away from a traditional beef burger patty. As you’d expect, the toppings really make it (hello truffle and crispy onions!), but overall we were impressed. 

Cali Cheese burger 

One for all you cheeseheads out there, the Cali Cheese burger contains a Beyond Meat patty that’s smothered with vegan cheddar, and accompanied by roasted garlic ‘aioli’, smoked tomato ketchup, red onion, pickle and lettuce. The more ‘traditional’ of the two new vegan burgers, this wasn’t as impressive in taste as The Truffler, but was still pretty satisfying to eat. As before, the patty was ‘meaty’ and filling, the bun soft and nicely charred, and the vegan ‘cheddar’ surprisingly enjoyable – we’ve heard vegan cheese is usually pretty abysmal! Overall, if I was vegan I’d order The Truffler over the Cali Cheese, but it was still good!

Halloumi fries 

Who doesn’t love halloumi fries? Byron’s take on the now-cult snack is different to ones we’ve had before, because rather than a fried breadcrumb outer layer, it looked and tasted more like a crispy batter. In all honesty, we’ve had better halloumi fries – these could have been a little more cooked and seasoned – but honestly, we wouldn’t ever turn down halloumi fries. Ever.

Salted Lime Margarita 

I’m a huge fan of Margaritas wherever they come from, but I was especially excited to try this one because it isn’t your usual cloudy, tangy, salt-rimmed Margarita on the rocks. Byron’s new cocktails come from Longflint, and are actually bottled cocktails! I’ve tried their grapefruit, sour cherry and Mezcal Paloma before and was seriously impressed, but this Margarita? Also impressive – gotcha! Perfectly blended and refreshing, it’s served in a tall glass with ice and a salted frozen lime wedge, which was actually pretty salty and made the drink quite savoury, but I liked that! 10/10 for me.

Grapefruit G&T

The perfect cocktail for fans of clean, crisp drinks, Longflint’s Grapefruit G&T, if we’re honest, wasn’t the best G&T we’ve ever had, and not just because it wasn’t a ‘traditional’ gin and tonic. Served in a tall glass with ice and a giant wedge of grapefruit, it was refreshing but unusually sweet! It was like it had extra syrup added to it, which made it sweeter than necessary. We probably wouldn’t order this cocktail again, and try one of the other more usual flavours instead – Bright & Stormy, anyone?

Ice Kitchen natural hand-made lollies

Ok, full disclosure, we didn’t get to try the ice lollies because we were so full, but a shout out should go out to them because they’re 100% natural, hand-made ice lollies, with a vegan option too! Nice one, Ice Kitchen.