10 Burger King menu hacks
that will change how you order

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Move over McDonalds, it’s time to reveal the Burger King secret menu. They’re famous for letting you customise their items so we’ve dug deep and uncovered the very best Burger King menu hacks out there. Be warned, some of these hacks require a bit of self-assembly so prepare to get your hands dirty!

1. The Quad Stacker


This monster burger was launched in the UK back in 2009 but it didn’t last long – no surprise considering it contains a whopping 68 grams of fat and 1000 calories! The good news is you can recreate this yourself – simply buy two double cheeseburgers and put the meat patties and cheese from one into the other. If six layers of awesomeness isn’t enough, you can even add a layer of bacon to create the infamous Suicide Burger. Just don’t do this every day…

2. Frings


Can’t decide between onion rings and fries? The good news is you don’t have to – ask your server for ‘frings’ and if you’re lucky you’ll get a bag of both together. This isn’t an official option so ask politely, and if not just buy a portion of each!

3. Mezzo Mix


For this hack you’ll need a Burger King with a fill-your-own soda fountain. The Mezzo Mix is a combo of Coke and Fanta Orange and was first created in Germany, where it’s also known as a ‘Spezi’. For best results go for one parts Fanta to three parts Coke – this makes a mind-blowing Orange Coke blend. If you prefer orange, you can reverse the ratio to make it more tangy drink with just a hint of Coke.

4. Original Rodeo Burger


This early menu hack proved so popular Burger King actually put it on the menu. It’s basically a hamburger, with onion rings on top of the beef patties. But the official Double Rodeo burger can be a bit too big, with two beef patties and the onion rings tend to go soft and gloopy. For the classic hack buy a standard hamburger with a portion of onion rings on the side, then layer them together – this keeps the onion rings perfectly crispy for every bite.

5. Mix Up Your Buns


Everyone knows Burger King do fantastic buns – nowhere else does that soft doughy texture quite so well – so it’s worth playing mix and match. Not a fan of sesame seeds? Simply ask for two bottom buns. And if you’re feeling fancy, ask them to switch it for a brioche bun. Trust us, you’ll never forget your first bacon double cheese in a brioche bun.  

6. Gooey Cookies

If, like us, you have a sweet tooth you’ll know how incredibly tasty those Burger King chocolate chip cookies are. But have you ever tried them when they’re warm and gooey? They’re baked fresh each morning so get there before 11am and prepare to be blown away.

7. Veggie Whopper

If you’re vegetarian don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out on the classic Burger King Whopper. When ordering simply ask for the quarter pounder beef patty to be replaced with the vegetarian bean burger – or even better, make it a double. Why should meat-eaters have all the fun?

8. French Fry Burger


This is another old menu item but plenty of Burger King restaurants still do it – if you ask nicely. Simply order a hamburger – or a cheeseburger if it’s treat day – and ask your server to throw a few fries on for you at no extra cost.

9. The Low Calorie Hack

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It’s not all about cheat days and stuffing our faces – you can actually eat quite healthily at Burger King if you make a few small sacrifices. Ask your server to hold the mayo when ordering a Whopper and it comes down from 677 calories to 500. And leaving out mayonnaise or tartare sauce can bring many chicken and fish burgers to well under 500 calories. Perfect for a guilt-free treat!

10. The All-In-One

We’ve all done this when we were younger – fill your cup at the soda fountain with small amounts of every drink on offer to make the weirdest and most wonderful concoction out there. One tip though, never include root beer – it’s delicious on its own but dominates everything in an “all-in-one” blend.