We tried vegan lunch items from KFC, Pret, Costa & more and these were our favourites

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Doing Veganuary? Whilst it’s easy to plan and cook up tasty vegan meals for dinner while you’re in your own kitchen, grabbing a delicious vegan lunch on-the-go whilst at work can prove much more difficult. However, eating vegan doesn’t have to mean getting a boring tomato soup every day – more and more high street coffee shops and restaurants are catering exciting lunches that are 100 percent vegan and 100 percent yummy. We’ve rounded up the best from Pret, Costa and more…

Veggie Pret

Chuna Mayo Baguette, £2.99

The Vegan Chuna Mayo is a plant-based replica of Pret’s classic Tuna Mayo baguette and features chickpeas and vegan mayo, seasoned with a sprinkling of pickled onions, chopped capers, and parsley, finished with a squeeze of lemon, sliced cucumber, red onion, and rocket. It tastes very similar to the real thing, with the same texture and salty crunch. 10/10 from us.

Hoisin Mushroom Wrap, £3.50

This soft tortilla wrap is packed with glazed mushrooms, cucumber, pickled cabbage, carrot, then topped with spring onion, coriander and baby leaf spinach. The chunky mushrooms give a meaty texture which means we don’t miss the duck one bit, plus the hoisin sauce is as sticky and sweet as ever. 


Vegan Chicken Burger, £3.99

One of the more surprising locations on the list, we never thought we’d see the day KFC served served up a vegan offering… but it’s official! The fried chicken specialists announced they’d be adding a vegan fried chicken burger to their menu on 2nd Jan, and we had to try it ASAP. The burger is inspired by the original Chicken Fillet burger, but the plant-based version replaces chicken breast fillet with a bespoke Quorn fillet, which is coated in the Colonel’s iconic Original Recipe herbs and spices. It’s served with vegan mayonnaise and crisp iceberg lettuce, all within a soft-glazed bun. We can honestly say we could hardly tell the difference!


Smokey ham and cheeZe toastie, £2.95

Everyone’s favourite toastie has been recreated by Costa using Quorn Smoky Ham and vegan cheese. We were sceptical trying this one as both the fillings were substitutes for the real thing, but were pleasantly surprised! The cheeZe melted perfectly and went well with the smokiness of the Quorn ham. We’d thoroughly recommend this if you need some hot winter comfort food, because sometimes, a salad just won’t cut it…

All day breakfast panini, £3.95

Perfect for when you need something indulgent to get you through the day, this stone baked ciabatta filled with vegan sausage, beans, mushroom, grated potato, onion and vegan cheese is a meat and dairy-free dream. We loved the addition of beans in a rich tomato sauce – they complimented the vegan cheese perfectly and we felt completely satisfied for less than 450 calories – result!

Chilli bean and rice pot, £3.95

For something healthy yet hearty, this chilli bean and rice pot is the perfect winter warmer. Made with cooked white rice, spicy chilli tomato sauce, red kidney beans, meat-free mince, roasted red pepper and coriander. It has just the right amount of spice which made us feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Vegan Mac, price TBC

Vegan mac and cheese is all we need to say here, really. Starbucks have perfectly mixed Macaroni with a deliciously creamy vegan butternut squash sauce, finished with a spinach and parsley crumb. This feels super indulgent, but there’s not a speck of dairy in sight…


i’thai udon, £5.99

This stir-fry style veggie main is one of our new favourite dishes at Itsu. Made up of silky, steamed udon noodles, velvety thai’spiced coconut sauce, chilled ginger’greens topping and crispy shallots, we look forward to lunch times with this in our lives. We love to eat ours with lashings of soy sauce.

No Meat Mondays, £6.49

This hefty sized box is a filling selection of beechwood smoked organic tofu with a teriyaki glaze, sushi rice, broccoli, avocado, edamame, pickled red cabbage, mixed leaves, shredded carrot and seeds with a pot of our signature spicy (no peanuts) sesame satay sauce – phew. Tofu is high in both calcium and protein, meaning it’s great for anyone who’s on a vegan diet. Did we mention it’s delicious, too?