These are the best vegan coffee options at Costa, Starbucks and more…

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There’s a lot of things we’re willing to sacrifice in the name of ethics, but our morning coffee isn’t one of them. Luckily, if you’re doing veganuary there’s no need to give up your caffeine fix, as more and more high street coffee shops are offering vegan options for you to slurp guilt-free. We’ve rounded up the best…


All coffees can be made with Alpro soya or coconut milk, and all syrups are vegan except for marshmallow and caramel fudge. If cold coffee is your thing, Costa offers a wide range of blended ice coffees, including iced mochas and Frostinos, which can all be vegan without added cream – result!


All hot drinks can be made with either oat, soya or coconut milk (the majority of which are sweetened); Starbucks also stocks a wide range of vegan cold drinks, all available without whipped cream! These include: Iced Latte, Iced Gingerbread Latte, Cold Brew Coffee and Mocha Frappuccino. Unfortunately you’ll need to avoid anything caramel flavoured, as the caramel sauce drizzle they use is not vegan.

Pret a Manger

Organic coconut-rice milk or soya milk is available to substitute milk in every coffee – we love the subtle flavour that coconut milk adds. Pret a Manger is thin on the ground when it comes to coffee based cold beverages, sadly, without a single vegan option on their menu.

Caffé Nero

All of Nero’s hot coffees can be made with soya milk, but what we’re most excited about is their Soya Frappe Latte, totally vegan and totally delicious!