Tried and tested: Supermarket
own-brand Proseccos

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Is there any sound quite as satisfying as the cheerful pop of a Prosecco cork? To mark National Prosecco  Day it’s time to raise a toast with some of the supermarket’s best own-brand versions of this refreshing boozy bev.

Italian sparkling wine (aka Prosecco) is not only easy on the palette, it’s relatively light on the wallet (compared to champagne!) and lower in calories than most wine. Sold yet? We’ve rounded up some of the best supermarket own-brand Proseccos, and put them to the taste test so you can grab a bottle whilst picking up your dinner. Result! 

Tesco Finest Valdobbiadene Superiore Prosecco, overall rating 7.5/10

Price: £10

Our testers adored the black and white modern labelling on this bottle of fizz, and likened the flavour to Granny Smith apples. It’s a super light tasting Prosecco, which goes down very easily indeed. If you love fizz, but don’t want anything that tastes too strong and overpowering, this is perfect for you. Delicious served with crunchy crudités and a salty salsa dip.

Pick up a bottle from Tesco at intu Eldon Square and intu Victoria Centre.

Waitrose NV Glera Prosecco, overall rating 9/10

Price: £6.99

Our highest scoring Prosecco of the bunch, this proved hugely popular with our testers – and for good reason. The pretty blue labelling draws you instantly to the bottle on the shelf, and gives the bottle an expensive feel. Taste-wise, the Prosecco is fresh and crisp, with testers describing it as ‘subtle and refreshing’. It’s not too fizzy, meaning it goes down smoothly and would be a great choice if you’re not a fan of too many bubbles. It has clear notes of honeycomb and vanilla, making it a great match with cured meats, fruit-driven appetizers (like prosciutto-wrapped melon), and Asian cuisine. We can’t wait to try it with Pad Thai.

Pick up a bottle from Waitrose & Partners at intu Watford and intu Eldon Square.

Tesco Finest Prosecco D.O.C, overall rating 8/10

Price: £8

The fruitiest of the lot, this Prosecco was compared to cider, but in a good way! Our testers found this to be the most alcoholic-tasting Prosecco, so if you love strong flavours then this would be the choice for you. It was also found to be the fizziest of the lot, which was great as the fizz lasted even when the bottle had been open for a while. Fantastic for parties!

Pick up a bottle from Tesco at intu Eldon Square and intu Victoria Centre.

Marks & Spencer Prosecco D.O.C, overall rating 7/10

Price: £10

Our testers found this bottle to look alot more masculine than the others, and enjoyed the detailing on the bottle neck, adding a ‘touch of class’. Another strong tasting Prosecco, this one was less fruity and a lot more dry than the other Proseccos in the test, with some saying it tasted more like Champagne than Prosecco, which as far as we’re concerned, can’t be a bad thing! This would pair deliciously with shellfish, pickled vegetables, and crispy fried appetizers – calamari, we’re looking at you.  Also, why not try it with chips, crisps or fries? This pairing may sound low-brow, but you won’t regret it.

Pick up a bottle from Marks & Spencer at intu Braehead,  intu Lakeside,  intu Merry Hill,  intu Trafford Centre,  intu Eldon Square, intu Derby, intu Watford and intu Metrocentre.

Lidl Allini Prosecco Spumante, overall rating 7/10

Price: £5.99

For under £6, we weren’t sure what to expect from Lidl’s offering, but we’re pleased to report we were pleasantly surprised! This easy-drinking Prosecco is filled with delicious pear aromas and is extra crisp and fizzy; we’ll be adding fresh orange juice to make tasty mimosas at our next boozy brunch.

Pick up a bottle from Lidl at intu Uxbridge.

Let us know which of the above are your favourites to drink over on our social channels.