Ben & Jerry’s low-cal Moo-phoria ice cream gives us free reign to indulge

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Ice cream is the ultimate comfort food – who doesn’t love curling up on the sofa with a tub? (No sharing, sorry.) But all that deliciousness comes at a cost, and it’s the waistline that pays *sad face*. But now the absolute geniuses at Ben & Jerry’s have come up with a series of desserts that changes EVERYTHING.

The brilliantly named Moo-Phoria is their range of low-calorie ice cream, clocking in at a treat day-friendly 130 calories per serving which works out about a third less calories than their naughtier siblings.

You can buy two flavours right now: Chocolate Cookie Dough, a rich chocolate ice cream dotted with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, and our personal favourite, the Caramel Cookie Fix which is a silky-smooth vanilla ice cream speckled with shortbread cookies and a mouth-watering salted caramel swirl running through it all. Oh mama.

Amazingly, they’ve managed this without using any artificial sweeteners so you won’t get any nasty chemical aftertaste. They’ve kept things all-natural by simply reducing the amount of cream, and adding in air. And in true Ben & Jerry’s style this luxurious creamy ice cream is made with Fairtrade certified ingredients, so you can feel guilt-free on every level!