ASDA sells a unicorn gateau and it’s just £3

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Cake lovers, rejoice: you can now buy a unicorn gateau from ASDA for only £3.

Yes, you read that correctly. Unicorn. Gateau. £3. You don’t even need to use a birthday as an excuse to get it!

The cake has a shortcrust pastry base, and a perfect mix of soft vanilla sponge and layers of strawberry and chocolate cream – then it’s covered in a delicious vanilla cream mousse and topped with adorable (and tasty!) sugar decorations. Yum.

The mystical dessert serves 10, which is perfect for parties, but no judgement here if you eat more than one slice. We’d definitely do the same…

It’s available to buy at any ASDA store or on their website. Want it for a birthday that’s not coming up for another few months? No worries, this cake is here to stay. 

ASDA, we salute you.