ASDA’s sloth cake is the cutest thing you’ll see today

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When it comes to cute animals, sleepy, lazy and oh-so-adorable sloths are seriously up there on our list of favourites. So imagine our delight when we found out that ASDA just launched a sloth cake that sounds just as tasty as it is cute. 

Available in store for just £11, the sloth shaped cake has 16 servings making it perfect for a birthday party. It’s made up of multi-layered, fluffy Madeira sponge, filled generously with jam and frosting and covered in a sweet sugar paste. YUM. 

“Our customers love our quirky, animal-shaped cakes so this summer we wanted to make sure we were providing the coolest on-trend treat for kids to enjoy,” said Sarah Burns, ASDA’s bakery expert.

“With a summer full of parties, our latest cake is sure to impress and marks our ongoing commitment to listening to customers and providing them with delicious, fun food.”

We’re suddenly very willing to buy all office birthday cakes for the foreseeable future…

Images: ASDA