When Christmas kicks in for us

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Whether it’s the feeling of a cold, crisp winter morning or queuing up at Starbucks for that red cup you’ve waited all year long for, it’s the little moments that really help that Christmas feeling kick in.

From watching that first Christmas advert on TV to sipping copious amounts of mulled wine and singing along to Mariah Carey in the car, there are so many things that can trigger that sweet, buzzy, jolly feeling. But in case you haven’t quite caught the festive fever yet, we’ve asked our team here at intu to share their experiences on when Christmas kicks in for them, in the hope that it’ll help jumpstart yours! 

Mince pies at the ready…

Andy Harvard, Marketing coordinator at intu Victoria and intu Chapelfield

“One of the things that really kick starts my Christmas is the arrival of the Greggs Festive Bake. A perfect lunchtime winter-warmer, filled with my favourite festive foods – it’s always a succulent sign that Christmas is well and truly on its way!”

Louise Johnson, Assistant marketing manager at intu Potteries

“I guess working in a shopping centre Christmas kicks in for me when the centre decorations go up (which is next week), and when I see the Starbucks red cups. We also have snow falling every day in the centre. I get very excited!!!” 

Chloe Hill, Marketing coordinator at intu Watford

“I start feeling festive when I have my first sip of mulled wine and a mince pie, and seeing all of the Christmas lights going up in the streets.” 

Jamie Brett, Environmental services manager at intu Chapelfield

“Christmas starts for me when I first see the Coca-Cola Christmas lorry advert, but more importantly when I’ve watched Home Alone!” 

Rebecca Downie, Assistant marketing manager at intu Chapelfield

“I started feeling festive when our Christmas lights were switched on, they look so beautiful! It then only takes a Christmas song to be played in a store (Mariah Carey is my absolute favourite), before I’m tucking into mince pies and searching out new baubles for my Christmas tree at House of Fraser!” 

Katie Ecclestone, National content manager at intu London offices

“For me, Christmas kicks in when I go Christmas shopping in December with my little sister. It’s a tradition we started five years ago, and I love our day together picking up the last of the pressies, having a few drinks and getting dinner after.” 

Chloe Hall, National marketing controller at intu London offices

“I am a complete magpie and my eye is always drawn to anything sparkly. My kick in moment happens when I finally find the perfect wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper and gift tags for all my Christmas shopping. I always buy my gifts after this moment and sometimes the wrapping is more expensive than the gift! First impressions count and I always go with a theme.” 

Charles Stanton, Digital marketing controller at intu London offices

“For me, Christmas kicks in the moment I walk down to Oxford Circus and Carnaby Street to see the light display for the first time. I make a trip there every year around this time.” 

Roger Binks, Customer experience director at intu London offices

“Christmas kicks in each year when the Smyths toy catalogue arrives and my boys start creating their Christmas wish lists. This usually follows with my wife and I discussing where we are spending Christmas Day, and how we are going to keep all our extended family (who are scattered around the country) happy.”

Leila Glen, National content editor at intu London offices

“For me, Christmas kicks in when I turn on the radio and hear Fairy Tale of New York playing for the first time! From then on it’s Christmas music all the way…”

Richard Bailey, Head of group marketing at intu London offices

“For me Christmas kicks in in the following order, and happens over a period of time. First, my children ring the Smyths catalogue, usually in late September, with ideas for gifts. Then it’s my mum asking me for my boys’ christmas wish lists (and mine!) in early October. Following that, Pret a Manger’s Christmas sandwiches arrive in stores and I begin hearing All I Want For Christmas playing on the radio. Then we book our traditional boys Christmas night out for the weekend before Christmas and finally, my boys buy a new decoration of their choice for the tree from the festive display at out local garden centre – it’s a yearly tradition. Christmas has officially kicked in!” 

Lorna Dreckett, Personal assistant at intu London offices

“Christmas kicks in for me when we put on old Christmas tunes at home and start decorating the tree with the kids, and also when they open the first day of their advent calendars to start counting down the days – seeing them excited makes me happy!”