11 Easter holiday activities
for the whole family to enjoy

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Easter is just around the corner, so what better time than now to start gathering ideas for fun-filled activities that will keep the kids entertained for hours. From planning the perfect egg hunt and building edible nests to getting crafty with loo roll (yes, really), check out this mix of indoor and outdoor, boredom-busting family Easter activities suitable for all ages, that the whole family will enjoy… 

Plan an Easter egg hunt


What you will need: Paper to write, draw or print clues on and a selection of chocolate treats to hide around the house. 

Got a flock of little lambs to keep entertained? Set them off on the ultimate Easter egg hunt in the safety of their own home (or garden for those with outdoor space). Depending on how much space you have to play with, you can make the egg hunts as simple or as challenging as you want. Not sure where to begin? Start by laying out clues in the living room and branch out from there to other rooms around the house and into the garden; be sure to provide bags or buckets so they can collect every treat they discover with ease.  

Hold an egg and spoon race


What you will need: Wooden or metal spoons and one egg per racer (or team).

A classic game that can be played before Easter brunch or after you’ve completed your Easter egg hunt. All you need are eggs (opt for hard-boiled eggs as they’re less messy) and a spoon for each participant. Each player must carry their egg on the spoon, then race as fast as they can to the finish line without the egg falling off the spoon. The racer who reaches the finish line first without dropping the egg, wins!

Decorate eggs


What you will need: Crayons (old or new), warm hard boiled eggs (and a parent to handle), scrap paper (or newspaper) and a cheese grater.

Whether your family has a penchant for art or just loves getting a little messy, celebrating Easter just wouldn’t be the same without decorating and painting eggs. While there’s a plethora of eggstravagant ideas available online, we’ve found this melted crayon method that creates a marbled egg effect – it looks so magical that even the Easter bunny would be proud. 

Directions: Place some newspaper or protective covering over your chosen work surface to protect it, and grate crayons into one colourful pile. Once the eggs are boiled and ready, carefully pat them dry and place on the paper. Then sprinkle a handful of crayon shavings over each egg and watch as they melt into swirls over the shell. Leave them to set and cool before using them as either table decorations or hiding them as part of your Easter egg hunt. 

Play bunny, bunny, RABBIT!

What you will need: This game requires a minimum of four players. 

If your kids have more chocolate-fuelled energy than they know what to do with, then this is the game for them! Sit all participants down in a circle and select one player to be ‘it’. The ‘it’ player then walks around the outside of the circle patting each player on the head saying ‘bunny’ until they want to say ‘RABBIT!’. Then both the ‘it’ and the ‘RABBIT’ players must hop around the circle trying to reach the empty spot and whoever doesn’t make it to the spot in time then becomes the ‘it’. They’ll sleep well after this one…

Become a bunny for the day


What you will need: Two sheets of different coloured paper (one pink and one white, or any colour of your choice) for the ears, a long strip of paper which is measured to fit the head, a pencil, a pair of scissors, glue and a stapler (and a parent to help).  

What child (and adult) wouldn’t want to be a bouncing bunny for the day? 

Directions: First, use the pencil to draw out two bunny ears on the first sheet of paper and then two slightly smaller ones on the other sheet. Glue the smaller ears onto the larger ears, before gluing both pieces to the long strip of paper. Finally, with the help of a parent, staple the ends of the long strip together to form a headband.

Go green-fingered in the garden

What you will need: Fruit (or vegetable) seeds of your choice, a rake, a shovel and a hose or watering can. 

This Easter activity is perfect for prying kids away from their screens, home gardening is an educational and inexpensive way for children to learn whilst having  fun. It can spark a love for nature, the environment and even encourages healthier eating habits. Why not check out these six easy-to-grow plants and vegetables that the whole family can get involved in growing and upkeep.

Recycled toilet roll crafting


What you will need: Toilet paper roll, a sheet of orange paper for the beak and feet, a pair of googly eyes (or a pen/pencil/crayon to draw them on), white and yellow feathers or tissue paper, a pair of scissors (and a parent to help), glue and yellow paint. 

Think again before throwing out the cardboard from loo rolls once all the tissue is used up, because there are loads of ways that they can be used when it comes to arts and crafts. Why not try making little chicks, it is Easter after all? It’s super fun and oh-so adorable!

Directions: Start off by painting the loo roll with the yellow paint and while you wait for the paint to dry, grab the orange paper and cut out a small triangle for the beak and two ovals for the feet. Once the paint has dried, stick on two googly eyes and the beak on the loo roll.

Apply glue on the inside top of the loo roll and stick on a white feather (or bunched tissue paper), then apply glue inside the lower end of the roll and stick on the two feet. Finally, glue on the yellow feathers for the wings. Happy decorating! 

Dip in a chocolate fondue

What you will need: One large chocolate Easter egg, a microwave-safe bowl and a parent to help.

Chocolate Easter eggs are delicious enough as they are, BUT have you ever thought of melting this year’s loot to create a chocolate fondue? Oh, yeah! Not only do Mum and Dad finally get their fair share of the chocolate treats this year, it’s also a great way to sneak in some healthy fruit into tiny tums during this sugary season.

Directions: To make the fondue simply (this is the fun part) crack a chocolate egg into small, bite-size pieces then place in a bowl, and melt in the microwave stirring at 10 second intervals. 

Serve the fondue alongside a plate of fresh fruit. We recommend slicing up bananas, strawberries, blackberries, grapes and anything else you can find – then let the dipping begin!

Compete over a board game


What you will need: Check the back of the board game to see the minimum number of players required. 

From marble-chomping Hungry Hippos to charades-inspired Pictionary and cranial-working Trivial Pursuit games, nothing beats a board game with the entire family. Check out our round up of the best ones to play this Easter break here.

Build edible egg nests


What you will need: 12 paper cupcake cases, a knife, a saucepan, a wooden spoon, a muffin tray and a parent to help you.

Easy to make, colourful to look at and delicious to eat, tiny chefs can don their aprons and have fun in the kitchen while creating chocolate nests – and they’ll enjoy the eating just as much as the cooking. 

Ingredients: 200g chocolate, 100g cornflakes, 75g butter, 4 tbsp golden syrup and 24 mini chocolate eggs. 


Step 1: First break the chocolate into small chunks and chop the butter into small cubes. 

Step 2: Place the chocolate, butter and golden syrup into the saucepan and melt together over a low heat while stirring frequently to combine the ingredients together. 

Step 3: In a large bowl, pour the chocolate mix over the cornflakes and mix together using the wooden spoon. 

Step 4: Line the muffin tray with paper cupcake cases and spoon large portions of the chocolate cornflake mixture into each case. 

Step 5: Finally, decorate each nest with two chocolate mini eggs, leave to cool at room temperature and enjoy!

Keep active with a garden game

What you will need: Chalk, plastic cups, water guns, string, rope (or a large towel), and anything you have lying around to create a DIY race course. 

Think everything from DIY obstacle courses for energetic kids to getting muddy during a game of tug of war. These fun garden games will help everyone at home get some much needed fresh air and sun.

Build a cosy den

What you will need: Bunk beds, sofas, tables and chairs all make great indoor den supports; climbing frames and tent frames can be used for outdoor dens.

Use a large blanket (or a waterproof tarpaulin for those building outside) to drape  over the structure to create the ceiling and walls.  Place a soft play mat to keep knees from bruising, and add pillows and cushions to make it super comfy and cosy inside. For a magical finish, decorate your den with fairy lights for a truly whimsical glow. Ready, set…build!


If you have a bunk-bed, you’ve already got a den structure already made. Simply drape over a blanket to cover the bottom bunk and tuck in the sheet around the mattress of the top bunk and presto, a cosy hideout is ready.

Using four chairs, position the chairs back-to-back with space in between for the little ones to crawl in. Drape a blanket over all four chairs to create the ceiling and you have the basis for a den.

If you have a climbing frame or family tents at hand, the next important step to think about is waterproofing your outdoor den should the heavens decide to open up. Opt for a large tarpaulin sheet to drape over your structure instead of a blanket, or you could even use a large deflated paddling pool as an alternative roof option if you have it.

Don’t forget to bring art supplies, drawing pads, board games or even a pre-made picnic basket to enjoy in the comfort of your newly built safe haven.

Phew! All that fun can sure work up an appetite. Check out these DIY kids recipes and all-natural snacks that will fill up tiny tums. Happy Easter!