7 cute Halloween costume
ideas to match with your kids

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Pumpkin buckets at the ready because Halloween is lurking around the corner (31 October to be exact), which means it’s time to gather the gang and start thinking about clever, oh-so cute and downright hilarious  Halloween costume ideas to dress the whole family in.

To help save time searching for Halloween costume ideas (and give you more time for trick-or-treating) we’ve come up with seven insta-worthy getup ideas that’ll make this year’s candy-filled evening frighteningly cool. Because you know what they say: a family that dresses up for Halloween together, stays together.

The Addams family

Image credit: loft3photography.com

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky… it’s the Addams family! Dress the little ones up as Wednesday and Pugsley, and don’t forget to add Thing the hand for extra creepy points. Clap, clap.

Disney villains

Image credit: Thecraftpatchblog.com

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most evil of them all? This year, it’s time to toss out the princess gowns and don the cloak of an evil Disney villain. From the voice-stealing sea-witch Ursula to the scheming advisor Jafar and the dog-hating Cruella de Ville, who says that princesses have all the fun?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Image credit: halloweencostumes.com

As far as villains go, Oogie Boogie man is by far one of the most entertaining. The Nightmare Before Christmas is all about Halloween, and is packed with loads of characters both big and small. From the charming Jack the Pumpkin to the mischievous trio Lock, Shock and Barrel, all that’s left to do is pick your favourites.


Image credit: halloweencostumes.com

Why storm the streets trying to capture Pokemon when you can be a Pokemon monster? With over 800 instantly recognisable pocket monsters to choose from, you’ll be sure to amp up the cuteness level when dressing up with the whole family.

Stranger Things

Image credit: YouTube

Look like Hawkins residents by dressing up as the characters from the cult favourite sci-fi series Stranger Things. Whether you go as Eleven in a pink dress with a box of waffles in hand or go for a smokey eye and leather jacket, there are tons of options to play around with.

The Avengers

Image credit: halloweencostumes.com

Make this Halloween one to remember and give the family super powers by going as Marvel’s superheroes, The Avengers. Mum can dress up as Black Widow, Dad as Thor and you can even dress the smallest member of the family as the biggest Avenger to become an adorable baby Hulk. Too cute!


Image credit: halloweencostumes.com

Exceptionally popular amongst little‘uns and adults alike, if you haven’t let Frozen go (see what we did there?) then dressing up as royal sisters Anna and Elsa, the adorable snowman Oolaf and the dashing Christoff is a current-yet-classic choice for this year’s Halloween celebrations.

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