7 low-tech toys that’ll stimulate and educate your kids

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There’s no denying that technology has had a colossal impact on our lives. It’s made the world we live in a much smarter place and with just the swipe of a finger, it can be a great source of learning and entertainment, especially for children. Unfortunately, too much of anything is never good, and excessive exposure to devices such as phones, iPads, TV and computer screens can lead to poor eyesight and hamper a child’s development. 

So, to help you unplug your child from their screens and the virtual world, we’ve found 7 of the best low-tech toys that they will love. All that’s required is a little bit of imagination…

Chad Valley playsmart wooden activity centre, £30


Help your toddler get an early introduction to numbers with this wooden activity box. They’ll learn to tell the time on the clock thanks to its movable fingers, and how to count!

Play-Doh super colour kit, £11


Available in a variety of colourful hues plus portable and therefore able to be taken just about anywhere, Play-Doh is great for helping develop strong motor skills. Kids can draft anything their imagination desires from this playful, moldable substance and parents can join in with the fun too.

Chad Valley Wooden train set, £12


Complete with 21 wooden tracks, a bridge, four cars, four buildings, four people figurines, two traffic lights, 12 roadblocks and signs, kids can get creative and build a toy town however they want with this 60-piece wooden train set.

Lego classic bricks and ideas, £9


Simple and ageless, Lego appeals to both the young and young at heart alike. It teaches the basics of motors skills, encourages imagination and is extremely versatile. With just a single set kids can make stacks of different models; one day a castle, a car the next,  then simply take it all apart and start over again. The best thing about Lego? ne purchase means years of fun.

Wooden deluxe kitchen, £35


If your little chef loves to watch you cook, then a kid’s kitchen playset will allow them to cook to their heart’s content using imaginative role play, and without having to experience the hazards of a real kitchen. They can pretend to make dinner for the whole family using four burners, or heat up food in the microwave and store toy food away in the cupboards.

Melissa and doug deluxe pounding bench, £13


Keep the tots entertained and giggling for hours with this classic pounding toy with a design twist. Each non-removable peg on the bench goes up and down playing peekaboo when hit with the mallet. You can even call out colours for your child to hit, so they’re playing and learning at the same time.

Chad Valley crocodile xylophone, £10


Let your little one build a love for music as they strike the metal bars and play out a tune on the crocodile’s xylophone back. The brightly coloured keys will stimulate their aural and visual senses, and it can be pulled along wherever they decide to go using the string attached.