About us

Welcome to Inside Source, the digital content platform that reveals the inside track to all things shopping, leisure, family and food at intu.

Written by a team of passionate shopping & foodie insiders at intu headquarters, we bring you the best inspiration, advice and need-to-know news, to help you shop smart and spend your time well.

Meet the team

Katie Ecclestone
National Content Manager

From reviewing the latest films and restaurant menus to researching the best weekend activities, Katie is passionate about writing and can spot a good pun from a mile off. A massive foodie, Katie’s knowledge of food is really un-brie-lievable.

Leila Glen
National Content Editor

Whether seeking out the latest high street trends or comparing Happy Hour deals and menu options, Leila loves to shop and eat her way through life. A keen gym bunny, Leila prides herself on her ability to exercise balance.

Natasha Russell
National Content Writer

From the best beauty dupes to in-depth shopping guides, with a coffee in hand Natasha dabbles in all areas as she’s is a master of multitasking. Her hobbies include sleeping, finding new music on Spotify and this bio, which took her 4 days and 3 nightmares to write.