No matter what the occasion, get your perfect look with No.7 within Boots.

For one week only, the No.7 team will be available all week to help you look your fabulous best this summer.

All full make overs will be booked with a £15 deposit that is redeemable after the makeover on No7 products.

You can book your appointment at the No.7 counter within Boots, intu Eldon Square or over the phone on (0191)232 9844.

•    Full face makeover natural look - 30-45min 
•    Full face makeover night look - 45min-1hr 
•    Prom makeover - 1hr 
•    Wedding make-up - 1hr 
•    Contouring natural - 15min
•    Contouring full - 30min 
•    Find your foundation shade - 10 min
•    Find your foundation and lip shade - 15 min
•    Eyebrow detailing natural - 5 min 
•    Eyebrow detailing defined - 10 min
•    Natural eye shadow - 10min 

All times are approximations and subject to availability. 

The concession is unable to offer tweezing or false lash application - if you wish please apply prior to appointment.


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Hotter - Mid Season Sale

Hotter - Mid Season Sale

Hotter - Mid Season Sale
  • Expires: 30 Jun, 2018