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‘Cha’ simply means ‘tea’. So a trip to Chatime is, quite simply, ‘tea time’. What else could be better to integrate into Great Britain – a nation known for being the greatest tea enthusiasts!

Chatime was founded in Taiwan, where bubble tea originates from. Globally, we now have over 1000 stores worldwide, yet we are ever committed to following the drink recipes that have been tirelessly been developed so that the quality of our drinks remain excellent, no matter what country you may be trying our drinks in. The ‘bubble’ is often mistaken to mean the tapioca (boba) in our drinks, but it actually refers to the frothy bubbles that are produced when the drink has been hand shaken.

Every detail has been carefully considered, from the tea brewing process, creating the ideal ice to tea ratio, recommending toppings to pair with each individual drink, leading to that very moment when you first pierce the lid with your straw.

Sorry, this no longer exists at intu Derby. Please visit our directory to view the most recent list of stores and restaurants available in the centre.