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Opening a shop - Project D

We’re so excited to welcome Project D to intu Derby! We met one of the founders, Matthew Bond, to discuss how the brand started, the importance of the Hatch initiative and their future plans.

How did the brand get started?

I come from a creative background and my passion for food, especially desserts, has grown over the years through extensive travelling across Europe and the United States. These two passions led to the co-founding of our very own business, Project D. We are a three-man dream team, made up of Max Poynton, Jacob Watts and myself and our mission is to create a brand and products that everyone in the area knows and loves.

Project D was never actually meant to be the final name of our business. Eighteen months ago, we chose the name as a starting block and it was meant to be a stand in for Derby, delicious or doughnuts but in the end, the brand created itself! We’ve built Project D and our secret recipe from scratch and we want to brighten every customer’s day and leave them with a lasting memory – as an independent business that’s our vision and we’ve never lost sight of that from day one.

What the highs and lows of running Project D?

We tend to focus on the highs here at Project D as we are all about the positive energy and good vibes. There has been plenty of great moments on our journey and being able to share them with your two best friends has been one of life’s greatest pleasures.

We’ve been a part of some brilliant events including food festivals and collaborated with high-profile brands. We’re also proud to have worked on our own outdoor cinema experience at Elvaston Castle Country Park where we screened iconic films, invited some of our favourite local traders and, of course, brought the full range of doughnuts with us.

Sometimes there are lows to running your own business and for us, these are mainly having to rely on other people as sometimes suppliers don’t always realise the importance of the task at hand and the implications of missed deliveries and deadlines. However, we’re lucky to have some great suppliers on board that we can trust to keep Project D running smoothly.

What does the Hatch opportunity mean to Project D?

Hatch is absolutely instrumental in taking our dreams to the next level and we are humbled and grateful for the opportunity being offered to local independent businesses. It couldn’t have come at a better time for the team and September to December is going to be a whirlwind journey for us. We hope to continue our success into 2020 and introduce our doughnuts to other intu centres across the UK if everything goes well at intu Derby.

What is the best piece of advice that you’ve ever been given?

To give everything in life 110% and never give up in what you believe in.

Project D opens on Wednesday 25th September on Level 1 near WHSmith