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Quiet Hour

Quiet hour will take place every Monday to Saturday from 9am until 10am

Quiet hour will take place every Monday to Saturday from 9am until 10am at over 100 of our retailers, including Marks and Spencer, Sainsburys, JD Sports, Topshop and Boots.

For some people, shopping centres can be a stressful experience. If you see, hear, or feel the world in a different way, we'll be making simple steps to improve the shopping experience for our customers throughout the year with our Quiet Hours.

From autism to dementia, this hour is for anyone who prefers a more quiet setting within intu Derby. We'll turn down the music, dim the lights, and our staff will be on hand with guides to the centre that may be of use. Our Quiet Hours will run every Monday to Saturday from 9am – 10am.

All participating retailers, restaurants and leisure facilities will commit to a minimum of:

• Reducing noise of in store music and tannoy announcements: Overwhelming noise is a common barrier to austistic people accessing shops. Where possible, in-store announcements and other controllable noise will be reduced.

• Dimming lights: Wherever possible, while maintaining safe premises, lights will be dimmed or switched off.

Download our autism PDF guide here

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