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Hope Centre food bank

The Hope centre are coming to intu Derby.

The Hope Centre food bank aims to provide 3 days worth of food to those facing crisis situations, this is often people in debt, unempolyment sickness or homelessness.

On Wednesday 9 October they will be coming into the centre to do a food collection for the charity.

If you would like to donate, they will be on level 1 outside Sainsbury's.

Donations can include:

- Tinned meat

- Tinned vegetables

- Tinned potatoes

- Tinned fruit

- Tinned rice pudding

- Pasta and pasta sauces

- Rice

- Tinned curry/chilli

- Wheatabix or simular

- Tea and coffee

- Biscuits

- Tinned fish

- Baked beans

- Soup

- UHT milk

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