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      Proskins Men's Sculpt FX SS Top White - XXL


      <p>Proskins Men's Sculpt FX SS Top White This Men's Sculpt FX SS Top by Proskins is an ingeniously designed exercising top that utilises various exercise technology, in order to help you deliver your best performance to date. This top is specifically engineered to help slim, sculpt and define your body from the get go, offering better results over time. This Proskins Men's Sculpt FX SS Top boasts a wide variety of features and technology for an exercising top; these features include temperature regulating, where the top optimises your body temperature to 37 degrees Celsius, and are treated with odour reduction and anti-bacterial treatment, ensuring this garment's lifetime is improved. This top also targets subcutaneous fat and works on toning your body on skin, ensuring each and every workout will be your best and most effective. Highly innovative, this top is sure to help improve and enhance your performance whilst exercising. Key Proskins SCULPT FX Graduated Compression features: Improves circulation and blood flow to help you slim, sculpt and define. Provides a very specific level of scientific compression which flushes toxins from the body and reduces the build up of lactic acid. Wicks or draws sweat and moisture away from the body keeping you dry. Key technology: Caffeine - A renowed active slimming agent that activates micro-circulation and promotes fat destruction Retinol - A skin regenerator which stimulates collagen, giving a youthful appearance to the skin Vitamin E - An antioxidant that helps the skin appear young and fresh</p>