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    • Urban Outfitters

      The Office: A Survival Guide Book, ASSORTED

      Urban Outfitters

      <p>Written by Jo Hoare, this cheeky book is your go-to guide on how to endure long, boring days at the office. Includes day-to-day survival tips, as well as guides on how to look busy (even when you're not) and how to identify the various "types" of co-workers. **THINGS TO KNOW:** - Author: Jo Hoare - Hardback</p>

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    • Urban Outfitters

      Carry This Book, ASSORTED

      Urban Outfitters

      <p>From the mind of Broad City's Abbi Jacobson a wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful illustrated look at the world around us - all through the framework of what we carry. With bright, quirky, and colourful line drawings, Jacobson brings to life actual and imagined items found in the pockets and purses, bags and glove compartments of real and fantastical people - whether it's the contents of Oprah's favourite purse, Amelia Earhart's pencil case, or Bernie Madoff's suitcase. What's inside Martha Stewart's hand-knit fanny pack? What kind of protein bars does Michelle Obama hide in her tiny clutch at the White House Correspondents' Dinner? Carry This Book provides a humorous and insightful look into how the things we carry around every day can make up who we are. **THINGS TO KNOW:** - Author: Abbi Jacobson - Hardback</p>

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    • Marvel

      Doctor Strange Volume 1: The Way of The Weird


      <p>Who do you call when things are coming out of your dreams and trying to kill you? Or when your daughter is cursing in Latin and walking like a Spider? Doctor Strange, of course. He's the only person standing between us and the forces of darkness, but has he been paying his tab? Every act of magic has a cost and now Stephen Strange is going to go through hell to even the cales.</p>


    • Captain America

      Captain America Character guide


      <p>Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avengerßis a comprehensive guide celebrating the exciting world of Captain America, examining iconic characters - including Red Skull, Bucky Barnes and Falcon - while showcasing key comic book issues and storylines from Captain America's 75 year history.ßPacked with information of allies, enemies, locations and much more, Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger is a must-have for fans of Marvel Comics and Captain America. Size:One Size.</p>

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