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    • <p>Discover the anti-ageing skincare secrets of celebrity favourite and world renowned dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer. His book, 'Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant Skin' delivers ground-breaking advice to help you discover radiant, younger-looking skin, at home. With a high profile clientele, including Ellen Degeneres and Kim Kardashian, the dermatologist offers bespoke skincare treatments and discloses (in black and white) how the secret to ageless skin is focussing on how the skin 'repairs and regenerates itself'. The book details his simple, three step skincare method: 1. Exfoliate, 2. Cleanse and 3. Nourish, so you can experience radiant skin at home, and recommends effective skincare products for all budgets. Focussing on your everyday well-being, his expert advice on lifestyle choices reveals how diet, exercise and stress management can influence and support your journey to better, younger-looking skin. I love Dr. Lancer. I've been using his skin care products for years and the results are amazing. The other day I was even mistaken for a porcelain goose! - Ellen Degeneres. I trust Dr. Lancer as my all-knowing skincare guru. Dr. Lancer and his products are perfection. - Kim Kardashian.</p>